• Costly orders

    Costly orders

    Today, I will tell an interesting order from a Pakistani customer. During these two months, we are busying for his about 3000pcs sliver can. Firstly, he find one trading company, then give him two both company price, one is our company, the other as the same city company...
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  • Yatai Recent Shipments

    Yatai Recent Shipments

    During this year, the epidemic goes on, it bothers us like a cold virus, Domestic elimination ,but Shortly after restarting, the airport became the birthplace, Yangzhou chess and card room became the birthplace. It seems that the whole world is not at peace, business is ...
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  • the whole sliver can  and bulk  delivery

    the whole sliver can and bulk delivery

    During  the July and  August  months  ,the  weather  are so  hot ,but  we  have  so many  oders too . D700mm*1000mm  sliver  can ,we  send  by  the  whole  delivery ....
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  • 18″*42″ & 20″*42″ sliver can send to Mozambique

    18″*42″ & 20″*42″ sliver can send to Mozambique

    So hot but so busy day, after one month for us to produce. The sliver can of Mozambique send this week. This is the first time for all of us to operate, in order of trusting, our new customer make a order this time. The customer buy other goods from chinese company too, ...
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  • Bulk shipment Φ500*1100 sliver cans

     Most  of    customer save their  seafreight  cost   and   space volume  ,they  choose  the  semi-finished   shipment .  LCL bulk shipment  is     convenient  for  them  to   assemble ,    we  will  cut  the  HDPE  SHEET   before  bulk  shipment .  So  most  of  them  wi...
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  • Φ500*1100 sliver cans are loading

    Φ500*1100 sliver cans are aslo best sale, 60PCS had already finished, are ready sending. This time the rubber is pink, this colour is very fit for the white sliver can. After send these, we will make sliver can for Mozambique customer. ...
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  • How to extend the life of plastic tampon tube?

    Plastic tampon tube is a durable, green transportation products, it can make the tube of the items in a stable and safe movement, so how to make plastic tampon tube can be used for a long time? The following plastic tampon tube manufacturers Wuxi Xicheng textile to introduce the reasonable use of...
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  • Sliver barrels are also known as sliver barrels Textile barrels

    Sliver barrels, also known as tampon barrels, are mainly used in the textile field as a type of appliance for carrying textile fabrics and fiber materials. Sliver barrel is mainly made of high-strength plastic, so it is also called plastic sliver barrel or textile sliver barrel, with universal wh...
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  • 400PCS  Φ500*1100  sliver cans  are  packed  already

    400PCS Φ500*1100 sliver cans are packed already

    Before Christmas, our company send the sliver cans already. These 400 pcs are   required  from our old customers, Christmas is coming. Give our bestwishes to a...
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