How to extend the life of plastic tampon tube?

Plastic tampon tube is a durable, green transportation products, it can make the tube of the items in a stable and safe movement, so how to make plastic tampon tube can be used for a long time? The following plastic tampon tube manufacturers Wuxi Xicheng textile to introduce the reasonable use of plastic tampon tube way.

(1) No matter what kind of plastic tampon tube, should be eliminated from direct sunlight, because this will accelerate its aging, and thus reduce its life.

(2) For the placement of goods in the plastic tampon tube, etc., is stipulated to be evenly placed, not gathered or eccentric placement, to prevent damage to its eccentric load. For the plastic tampon tube carrying goods, should be placed on the level floor or plane, not to make it tilt.

Mouth capacity

(3 plastic tampon tube, the common way of fixing the goods it carries, mainly is to have tying, gluing bundle wrestling, shrink packaging, etc., and these, is to coordinate the use of each other. In its protection and fixation, if after the goods are fixed, still can not reach the transport requirements, then can be used to protect the fixed accessories, the material can be wooden, plastic and metal.

By mastering the above-mentioned skills of using plastic tampon tubes, the operation efficiency of the factory can be further improved.

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Post time: Mar-12-2021
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