What are the advantages of a sliver can?

The sliver can is mainly made of high-strength plastic forming the barrel body so it is also generally known as a plastic sliver can or textile sliver can, with a universal wheel installed at the bottom and the upper side opening sealed with stainless steel, which is widely used in the textile workshop production line. There are several main advantages.

Firstly, the barrel of the oem cotton sliver cans is made of high-strength anti-static plastic material. In the textile workshop, the most likely to fire, textile fabric or fiber material can frictional electricity, easy to start a fire. The use of anti-static plastic sliver can can make the friction between the fabrics generated by static electricity insulation.

Secondly, the oem cotton sliver cans are fitted with universal wheels at the bottom, so that they can be easily dragged around the workshop in a flexible and convenient way. These can be seen in many ways, and it is because of their use that they make it easier to carry out those operations in practice. The use of these sliver cans makes it easier to store, transport and turn around gauze, etc. So now the logistics field for the use of such appliances is also a lot of demand, these are also able to use from the actual use can be very good to show.

Third, in the same workshop, the general size of the plastic sliver can is unified, which facilitates the unified mechanical management of the production line.

Fourth, the strength of the sliver can is very high, which will also make its impact resistance, wear resistance, bearing capacity, etc. very good. This will also make its wear and tear degree small so that the actual use is also able to bring a lot of advantages, but also make its use of the years will be longer. The heat resistance, cold resistance and aging resistance of the textile sliver cans are also remarkable. The resistance to deformation and cracking is also excellent. This is also due to the fact that the materials used in their production are further processed and the production technology used is also very advanced.


Post time: Dec-02-2022
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