What the use of springs in sliver can

The use of good or bad slivers can have a great deal to do with the production process of it. The textile sliver can for spinning plays an important role in the textile machine and its production process has to be fine. The spring is the heart of the textile sliver can, the spring is good or bad, the kilogram pressure is high or low, and the tray balance spring lift situation directly affects the quality of the dried yarn. Out briefly to introduce the following.

1.Stainless steel top ring, formed by special machinery, plus stainless steel ring fixed, light bone, wear-resistant, no pulling, no deformation sliver barrel treatment, to ensure the quality of sliver.

2.The barrel body adopts the Italian plate production line Wangke plate tampon barrel, and with the internationally advanced seamless welding technology, the barrel body is smooth and rounded to resist heavy impact and aging.

3.With plastic color ring sliver barrel, easy to manage on-site, improve enterprise management level.

4.The spring load is designed according to the weight of the spinning sliver barrel. 65Mn high-quality spring steel wire is selected for automatic forming and shaped by constant temperature treatment, the spring is not skewed to ensure that the sliver is not stretched outside and never gets tired.

The sliver can for spinning is mainly a product used in the workshop weaving industry, belonging to a special type of apparatus with a very strong specialization, which can play an important role in the workshop weaving collar or in the choice. Such products can generally be seen in the actual use of good materials in the production of production are very good, and the production process is also very advanced. The use of a certain advantage, its use can make the textile-related operation will be more convenient, the material basically goes through further processing, which will make the performance better.

The plastic sliver cans are very good in shape and design, and their performance is also well reflected in their use. The abrasion resistance is very good, and with this abrasion resistance will be affected by the surrounding environment. This will also make them last longer.


Post time: Dec-08-2022
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